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You could be eligible for an Accident at work claim if you have been injured as a result of negligence of the health and safety procedures. Accidents at work can be a result of many things. Common reasons include:

  • Spillages on the floor

  • Poorly maintained machinery and equipment

  • Improper working procedures

  • Poor manual handling techniques as a result of lack of updated training

  • Assault at your workplace

  • Falling objects

  • Negligence by the company or fellow colleagues

What should you do after a Workplace Accident?

  • Either you or your colleague should report to your line manager

  • Record the accident in the company’s accident logbook

  • Inform your union if you are registered under any

  • Get witness statements from colleagues if you can, or ask a union rep to do it if you are not in a position to.

  • Gather all possible photographic evidence of the accident area, this is helpful if you are particularly looking to file a compensation claim.

  • Have a diary to record any other symptoms or injury details as early as possible so that you don’t forget the finer details.

If you are hospitalized, then your employer has an obligation to allow you time off to recover and remit your statutory sick pay. For any serious injuries, in the UK you may be eligible for Industrial Injuries Disablement benefit.

While the Health and Safety Executive investigate all cases reported to them, you must make sure you talk to your employer about your employment rights after the injury.

Accident at Work Claims

Can I make a Work Accident claim?

Whilst you are ultimately responsible for your personal safety, in the UK, employers are equally responsible for their staff work environments. They have a legal duty to ensure,

  • All staff are adequately trained

  • All staff are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment

  • All risk assessments are undertaken

  • Provide safe working environments

Even if your accident was caused by colleague negligence, your employer has the ultimate responsibility for everyone in the workplace. Every employer is bound to have Employer liability insurance to act as assurance that they can pay any arising Work at Work Claims without sinking the company.

If you feel that you have been a victim of employer negligence, feel free to contact us and our Accident claims solicitors

How much Work Accident compensation will I get?

The amount of compensation you receive for any accident claim will depend on the severity of the injury on your day to day running. Our Accident Claim Solicitors will take it upon themselves to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Accident at work claims have a window period of three years after which they become null and void. However, some exceptions to this window period are:

  • Impaired Mental Capacity-if the accident victim suffered a traumatic brain injury for example, there is no time limit in making a compensation

  • Reduced claim time period if the victim was working abroad at the time of the accident

  • Defective work equipment has different time limits.

Consider talking to our Accident at work solicitors to ensure we help you make your claim within the allowed time frames.

No Win No Fee For Work Accident Claims

We know how difficult it is to raise money for legal proceedings. This is why at claims justice, we are keen on No win no fee policy. This means that there is absolutely zero costs for you in case you lose the case and therefore no financial implications.

However if you win your Accidents at work claim, we agree on a percentage of the pay-out to act as legal costs. All this is done upfront before we commence on the case.

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