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Raising upfront legal costs can be expensive and uncertain. It’s a risk that many are not willing to take up simply because it could result in more financial difficulty than good. This is why the industry offers No Win No Fee services for people who cannot afford the litigation fee and also for those who can afford but would rather have a free service and pay the legal costs after the case has been successful. If you have a Personal Injury Claim or an Accident Claim, you need to find the right solicitors to handle your case. No Win No Fee solicitors take up the risk on your behalf. They ensure that there are no surprises or debts in case of any occurrence.

Here at claim justice, our No Win No Fee Solicitors are highly skilled in ensuring that you get the highest form of compensation.

With every case we take, we analyse the documentation presented and we advise on your chances if you proceed with the case.

What do No Win No Fee Solicitors Expect?

Our No Win No Fee accident claims Solicitors expect absolute honesty and a detailed paper trail of the incidence. Without this then they have no facts to proof your case.

Upon reviewing a case, a No Win No Fee solicitor will be able to let you know if they will take up the case depending on the odds of winning. If they take the case, then in most occasions it means that after the risk assessment the solicitor is almost sure that they will win.

A No Win No Fee solicitor will then request you to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This is a legal document that binds the solicitor and the claimant. A CFA document outlines the terms of engagement, the success fee percentage and details of how the solicitor will be paid in case they win the case. A Conditional Fee Agreement should be clear and not contain any vagueness that could be challenged afterwards.

Before signing any Conditional Fee Agreement, ensure that you read the fine details to avoid any surprises.

No Win No Fee Solicitors

What does No Win No Fee Mean?

With no win no fee, a qualified accidents claim Solicitor takes your case with no financial commitment, commonly known as down payment, from you. This means that you are only obligated to give a percentage of your amount compensated to the No Win No Fee Solicitor if you WIN the case. Otherwise you don’t pay a dime. If your complaint becomes unsuccessful, the Conditional Fee Agreement usually states that you walk away. Most claimants end up paying up to 25% of their compensation amounts to solicitors; this amount varies from solicitor to solicitor based on success rates in handling Personal Injury Claims.

How much will I get for my Personal Injury Claim

The amount you get depends on the circumstance and the severity of the injury in question. It is the responsibility of your solicitor to come to an agreement with the defendant to ensure that you get a fair compensation.

What is I lose my No Win No Fee Claim?

If you lose your case, your No Win No Fee solicitor gets nothing out of it. Secondly, your solicitor should have prior to signing the No Win No Fee agreement have advised you on your options so that you are not left with any financial obligations especially court fees for the defendant side.