Just as the name suggests, accidents at work are often very unpredictable in any situation getting its victims unprepared. When this happens at work it usually gets complicated when dealing with the claiming of compensation because you are not familiar with the procedure or most likely fear of the employer’s response. As a result most employees will let it rest without it getting sorted. You shouldn’t be afraid of filing a work accident claim against an employer if you have had an accident at work. It is after all, their duty to provide safe working conditions for their employees, and if they do not do so, then they are breaking the law, as well as putting you and others at risk.

Accident at Work

The work place that are most prone to accidents are factories and construction sites. But regardless of such places work accidents can even occur in the typical office set up where there are simple chairs and office desks. Such environments have their own set of dangers to watch out for as well.

Employer Responsibility

Every employer out there has a responsibility to their employees to ensure their working environment is safe, and the risk of an accident at work is minimal. This not only protects their workers, but prevents work accident claims being filed against them.

Responsibilities are not restricted to a single form, it will include; testing machinery regularly, providing adequate safety equipment, or informing employees of dangers in the workplace, and how to avoid them. It will be practically impossible to mention all types of safety responsibilities to the employers since each environment will have its own set of work accident risks, which need to be handled by the different employer.

Claims in the workplace

It will be interesting to note that even those driving vans and cars are described as job places, in which case the vehicle would need to be safe and roadworthy, otherwise if the driver sustains an injury from an accident which occurs as a result, the driver could be entitled to make a claim for work accident compensation.

It is important to note again that the work accident claims should only be made for injuries that the employee suffered at work, which wouldn’t have occurred had the employer taken action to prevent the work accident. Once an employer sets up a work place, it is a requirement for him/her to have it comply with Health and Safety laws and regulations, that have been put in place to make the workplace a safer environment, and reduce the risk of work accidents.

Laws and Regulations

For anyone intending to make a claim it is important that they have a good knowledge of the laws and regulations around work accident claims, so independent legal advice is essential for anyone who has suffered an injury at work and that is where no win no fee Solicitors come in to assist you.

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