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What Is Amputation And What Does It Mean?

Amputation is the loss of a limb either as a result of an accident or a medical procedure. Amputations are devastating and life changing simply because majority of the victims lose their independence that they were once so used to. While some amputations are considered the best options especially if it is to prevent the spread of a disease, some are caused by negligence of a third party and such often lead to amputation claims.

We advise victims on taking up Amputation claims if there amputations were triggered by a work accident, medical negligence or a road traffic accident. We know a law suit will not restore your limb, but the compensation offered can assist you cover your financial losses or even get better medical treatment.

Possible Claim Causes of Amputation

The most common causes of amputations are:

  1. Road Accidents – this can be a passenger, driver or a pedestrian. Depending on the severity of the accident, victims can lose one or multiple limbs.
  2. Accidents at workplace – employers are bound by the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 which explains that every employer has the duty of care towards their employees and any visitor within the work place. They should be insured against all possible accidents at the places of work. This means that they can compensate any employee who has been injured in their line of duty. The law demands that the employees are well trained and up to date. The machinery should be serviced and well maintained at all times and the users trained and continually supervised in case they are not following the right manual handling procedures. Employers are also bound to provide proper personal protective equipment to their staff. Thus, any injury as a result of negligence in the workplace warrants you to make a personal injury claim.
  3. Medical Negligence – Workers in the healthcare sector are bound by the duty of care not to cause harm to their patients while at work. If any activity is outside this obligation and causes a patient to lose a limb either due to wrong medication, a wrong procedure, a misdiagnosis, mishandled births (mostly caesarean sections and breech births during vaginal deliveries or an operation on the wrong patient for example, this is termed as medical negligence and can be subject to an Amputation Claim for compensation.

What Can You Claim For in Amputation Claims

Amputation claims are classified as special and general damages. General damages are the physical impact, in this case amputation. Special damages are the damages directly related to the physical impact the accident had on you.

Amputation, whether of a toe, finger, hand or even the whole leg, is bound to change your day to day living. The compensation received from an Amputation Claims will go into improving the quality of your life moving forward after the amputation.

  • Adaptation of your current property to suit your condition especially with full leg and arm amputations.
  • Pain and suffering both emotionally and physically.
  • Loss of earnings. This can be caused by many different things. Car accidents that led to amputations mean that for a taxi driver or a bus driver, they have to discontinue their work because they rely on their legs or hands to drive. Factory workers who have gone through arm amputations could be laid off because they need their arms to operate machinery. You are entitled to make a amputation claim if the procedure forced you to stop working.
  • Medical Expenses – this includes getting prosthetics, surgical operations, and cost of travel to and from the hospital – some of which the specialists are far located.
  • Rehabilitation costs to help pay for the rehabilitation sessions required before going back to gainful employment.
  • Physiotherapy
  • A car that is suitable for your current situation.

What Are Time Limits For Making Amputation Claims?

If you have suffered any amputation because of a third party negligence then you could be eligible for a claim for compensation. The Amputation claim should be within three years from the time the accident. However some instances involving medical negligence cases may be longer depending on the nature of the negligence.

The earlier you contact us with your Amputation Claim, the better for you because if gives us sufficient time to piece up the case ready for submission to the relevant insurance company within the time frame.

What Do I Need To Start An Amputation Claim

Amputation claims like many other personal injury claims are pretty straightforward. If you believe that your amputation was due because of negligence by a third party then:

  • Call us immediately on 0121 565 4317. Our highly qualified and empathetic advisors will listen to your case and ask you a few questions to clarify on your situation and determine which solicitor in the team will be best suited to handle your case.
  • One of our able advisors will connect you to one of our suitable expert Amputation Solicitor who will then take the case, do a risk assessment and let you know your chances of winning. They will also let you know if they are willing to take up the Amputation claim case after doing their risk assessment. 

Evidence Needed Amputation Claims?

For an Amputation claim to be strong and winnable, there needs to be strong evidence and proof to back up your statements –

  • Photographic evidence of the scene of accident.
  • Accident recorded in your work accident book. This involves letting your immediate supervisor know and insisting on recording the incident in the accident book. This is proof that the company admits that the accident indeed happened within the premise.
  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. If in a state of consciousness, let the doctor know as much detail as possible about the accident and this should be written down.
  • If it’s a road traffic accident, gather witness statements; this could be from other people directly involved, for example pedestrians, onlookers and other passengers and 3rd party driver details if you can.

Is It No Win No Fee For Amputation Claims?

While your case could be an outright negligence, employers are covered by insurance companies who have legal departments out to defend their clients. This means that your best chance at ever getting fair and maximum compensation and your case not being dismissed is hiring a expert Amputation Solicitor.

We at Claim Justice understand that the cost of hiring a solicitor is out of range for many. This is why we have a No Win No Fee agreements to ensure that everyone with a genuine case receives justice.

With a No Win No Fee agreement, you are not required to pay a single penny until you receive your compensation. In that case, you and the Amputation Solicitor will have a prior signed agreement that gives them a percentage of the amount you receive commonly known as success fee which is looked at as the cost of the legal services offered. If the solicitor fails to secure you any compensation, you are under no obligation to pay them anything and therefore free to walk away without losing any money.

Amputation Claims

Amputation Compensation Claim Amounts

The amount you receive varies greatly depending on the type of amputation you went through and the extent of financial losses you have incurred and the projected and future losses in earnings.

Your Amputation Solicitor will have a look at the Amputation claim and guided by the judicial amputation compensation amounts decide on what they think could be the highest amount you will receive.

The Amputation claims amounts vary on case to case basis:

  • Amputation of both arms – compensation ranges between £126,750 to £199,800
  • Amputation of one arm – compensation is not less than £125,000
  • Amputation of a finger (single or multiple) – this can be complete amputation of one or multiple fingers or just partial amputation which renders the hand almost or totally useless. The compensation ranges between £12,000 to £49,000
  • Amputation below the elbow – Compensation value ranges between £72,000 to £90,000
  • Amputation above the elbow – Compensation value ranges between £78,000 to £97,000
  • Amputation above the wrist – Compensation value ranges between £78,000 to £97,000
  • Amputation of one below the knee – Compensation amount ranges between £80,000 to £112,000
  • Amputation of one leg above the knee – Compensation amount ranges between £83,000 to £117,000
  • Amputation of both legs below the knee – Compensation amount ranges between £185,000 to £210,000
  • Amputation of both legs – Compensation amount ranges between £190,000 to £207,000
  • Amputation of one or multiple toes – Compensation amount can be anywhere between £38,000 and £57,000

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